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Find out how to finance your project despite several refusals from banks, a solution often overlooked by households and which presents itself as the last chance payday loan.

Find a solution for a payday loan

Find a solution for a personal loan

Many borrowers will apply for a payday loan and then face one or more refusals, you should know that most of the reasons mentioned involves too high a debt ratio as well as an insufficient living allowance. Two fundamental elements which oblige the banks to refuse the credit, in spite of the often obvious good faith of the borrower. The reason is quite simply the risk of financial imbalance and therefore of non-repayment of the debt for the borrower, a risk that the bank does not want to take simply because its duty to advise can quickly be called into question.

And yet, a refusal or several refusals of a payday loan does not mean that all is lost, there is indeed a solution of the last chance to obtain a credit comparable to a payday loan. This is called the loan consolidation loan. Rather than accumulating a new debt in addition to the others, this financing proposals to redeem the credits in progress and to add the desired amount in the operation, thus the bank offers a single contract in place of the old ones and an adapted monthly payment to the borrower.

payday loan consolidation loan

Personal loan consolidation loan

The principle of the grouping of credits is to redeem its current credits to repay a single reduced monthly payment, this result is obtained thanks to the readjustment of the conditions of repayment and the extension of the duration of the credit. Most consumer loans are offered over a maximum duration of 7 years, the loan grouping will extend over a maximum duration of 144 months, or 12 years. The real thing before this funding is to be able to add a dedicated amount to a new project, as can be the case with a payday loan.

Rather than take out a new loan, it is rather advisable to restructure everything by redeeming your debts to start on a new basis, it is a more important chance to get your financing and especially to repay a monthly payment adjusted to your ability to refund. The debt problem is often solved because it will be redefined with the establishment of credit consolidation. Many household owners and tenants use it to readjust their debts and especially to obtain a payday loan of the last chance.

Simulate and compare reimbursement conditions

Simulate and compare reimbursement conditions

It is possible to simulate a payday loan with a credit consolidation, it is necessary to specify the amount of outstanding credits to be repaid, both the amount of credits and the amount of monthly payments. It is then possible to specify the desired amount for the new project to be financed, this makes it possible to very quickly obtain a financing proposal taking into account the needs of the borrowers. It is a e service and above all without obligation.

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